Allotmenteering is fun, it’s healthy and it’s a great way to meet people.  Caring for an allotment plot can bring great pleasure to people of all abilities.  It is one of the most popular hobbies in the country.  Your allotment could mean a bountiful supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy outdoor pursuit that will keep you fit and well  and a place where you can relax away from the pressures of everyday life.

Plot rental and membership of Church Vale Allotment Association is open to all over the age of 18 living in the parish of Pittington. The annual Association subscription is £6.00 and the current annual rent (2013) for an individual plot is £20.00 per year payable to Pittington Parish Council.

Waiting list
There are currently 2 people on the waiting list (updated May 2014).

Caring for a plot takes commitment and a degree of hard graft.  It’s a good idea to assess your ambitions and abilities before you consider taking on a plot.  Be realistic about what you can achieve – it is very easy for idealism and enthusiasm to lead. Things to think about:

TIME – How much time can you realistically spend at the plot?  Will you be able to keep your plot well managed in the time you have available.  Remember, you will find that you probably need to visit more often, especially during the main growing season when watering, weeding and harvesting are necessary.

COMMITMENTRegular care of your plot is essential.  This means that you will need to work on your plot in less than lovely conditions.

PHYSICAL ABILITYCultivating a plot is strenuous work requiring a varying degree of physical stamina.   You need to think about what you can physically achieve in each visit.  Doing little and often is the best approach and will keep you fit and healthy down the plot.

COSTThink about the cost of what you are planning to do – is it affordable? What is it going to cost to get you going?  Are you thinking of buying in all your plants or growing from seed, do you need a lot of equipment…. and so on.  Don’t forget to factor in your plot rent and CVAA subs.

To enquire about adding your name to the waiting list, contact